What we do


Rather it's vinyl, brick, hardieplank, or stucco, we have the tools to clean it all.


A spotless driveway isn't only safer, but who doesn't like curb appeal?


Why have a deck if you're not gonna use it? Let S.E.E. get it back to what it use to be... fresh!

Curious about our work?

Growth on Siding

Would you let mold grow inside your home? So why let the exterior of your home host it either? Let Shadburn Exterior Enhancement eliminate it for you.

When Microalgae Takes Over.

Once algae breaks through your concrete's pours, it's crucial to have a professional remove it. The longer you wait,  the more the algae can fester and turn into microalgae.

Dirt Runoff?

If your yard's elevation slopes down into your driveway, there's a good chance when it rains it causes runoff. We have a solution for that too!

Look Forward to a Fresh Home.

Come home to a cleaner, brighter, enhanced home exterior!

Annual Cleanings are Essential.

If you keep your grass cut regularly, why aren't you calling a professional clean your home once a year? It's just as important, and increases home value as well!

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