A Pressure Washing Experience

Rather than learning our business procedures each step of the way, let's just dive right into the Shadburn experience. In order, we'll list how the process works.

  1. REACH OUT Well first you've got to reach out to us for your FREE estimate. Reach us by phone at (770) 530-3571 or email us at colton@shadburnee.com to get kicked off with your exterior home cleaning.
  2. FREE ESTIMATE Now we will setup a time and date that works best for you for us to get out to your home or property to look over everything that you are wanting washed.
  3. FIRST ARRIVAL After we get out to your home or business we begin the estimate process. This is when we begin to check out every corner, peak, edge, and surface of what you are wanting cleaned. Job to job is different and usually requires varying treatments. We will let you know of any areas of concern, and ask questions regarding your last cleaning, if you were satisfied, and why you decided to search for a new company.
  4. NUMBERS We will either give you an onsite estimate, or call you within 2 hours of departure to give you a quote. We are always competitively priced and will serve you with a standard of cleaning to which you will no longer need to be on the quest for a new pressure washing company. We will be a lifetime service for you.
  5. SCHEDULING YOUR CLEANING This will be when you decide to make the step and go with a company who cares about you and your home. If the estimate is of satisfaction to you, then we will schedule a date for your cleaning. We will ALWAYS let you know a specific time range (ex. 8:30am-9:00am) in advance to ensure you know EXACTLY when we will arrive to your home or business.
  6. THE HOME ENHANCING When we arrive we will begin what you've been waiting for, your exterior home cleaning. If possible we will park in the street, if not, for sure out of the way for your home traffic. Then we will start unloading our equipment and hooking up to a water supply. After an area is decided to start on, we will clean every designated surface we agreed upon. We have a general rule of to the order we clean: Home > Deck > Concrete. We've found this to bring the best results so feel free to call us to find out more about it!
  7. SATISFACTION GUARANTEED After every inch of every surface is dealt with and left fresh, we will knock on the door (if someone is home) to encourage a walk around for you to see all of our work that has been done. If for some reason there is any area you are unhappy with, it will be addressed immediately to guarantee your satisfaction is reached. No equipment is loaded back up until any and all of your needs are met.
  8. COMPLETION The job is finished, and you now have a clean, fresh, and ENHANCED home exterior! Mad at yourself for not getting that deck or driveway done too while we were already there? No worries! Give us a call back and we'll set up another time for us to get back out there! And if you send any new business our way, you will receive $20 off your next invoice for each customer we schedule a cleaning with!
How We Do It

We don't let the pressure do the cleaning, we let our products do the work. Our mixture of solutions ensures your home's surface will always be more effectively cleaned than just water, soap, or ESPECIALLY pressure alone. It is crucial to have the right understanding of products and technique for the best results possible. Reach out to a professional today to take care of your pressure washing needs. Give Shadburn Exterior Enhancement a call at (770) 530-3571. Have a company that wants to service you for life!

Shadburn Exterior Enhancement

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